25.02.2014   21:00   @ Arnhems Muziek Platform / Arnhem/NL link

28.04.2014   20:30   @ Schon Schön / Mainz link

29.04.2014   21:00   @ Cavete / Marburg link

01.05.2014   21:00   @ Kiste / Stuttgart link

02.05.2014   20:00   @ Kultursalon Freiraum / Köln link

28.05.2014   20:00   @ KultRaum / Kleinmachnow link // mobil +49 (0) 177 8070088

 (drawing by Miesjel van Gerwen)


The TIMSHEL trio started as a working band in 2010. With influences in jazz, improvised music and everything near by, the three young musicians merge their voices to develop their own approach and ideas with original compositions ever since. Piano, drums, cello – this rather unconventional setting opens the way for slightly different choices of interplay and improvisation, but still the familiar sound of a piano trio remains. 


“Once every few years there is this group of students that form a, what feels to be a real organic cooperative, eh, thing. In this trio I heard it from the first moment on. Having a trio in which the members are top-quality musicians as well as able to give communication priority all the time is not obvious, even if you thought it was. This trio has it: good compositions, excellent playing, ultimately putting communication first. I love it.” (Michiel Braam)


Live at TEDxRadbouwU april 2013:

Malte Bogner (piano) /// Jonathan Reiter (drums) /// Veit Steinmann (cello)

They met and studied together in the Netherlands and live now in Cologne and Berlin (Germany). 

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